Romi 9.6

A set of basic Rummy Tile card-based games.
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Play Rummy Tile games against computer opponents. Select the variation and engage with the competitor AI in the simulated environment. Manage two sets of 52 cards with two wild cards, make moves and observe the reactions and counter-moves of others. Keep track of your score.

Romi is a board game for Mac that allows you to play Rummy against the computer. You can use this app to practice your Rummy skills in a race against time or just to relax while at home.
The program doesn't bring you high-quality graphics but, if you ask me, this aspect isn't too important as the purpose of this app is to provide you with Rummy games. You have access to plenty of game configurations that let you change gameplay difficulty and rules, number of players, and background image.

When starting a new game, you receive 15 cards displayed randomly on your board. Your goal is to make formations of at least 3 consecutive cards of the same suit and cards of the same value but of differing suits. After you position groups that accumulate at least 30 points, you can complete other players' formations.

The game is won by the player who uses its last card from the board on any of the displayed formations. The application keeps a list of statistics list which you can check to see the scores.

A disadvantage of playing Romi is that it doesn't allow you to save the game progress. However, if you quit the game and launch it again, you can play from where you left off.

Briefly, Romi is an exciting board game that lets you play Rummy on your Mac. You get to choose from various difficulty levels, play against 1 to 3 computer players, and customize your board's appearance to your liking.

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Ashley Griggs
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Offers you plenty of game configurations
  • Automatically sorts your cards


  • Unable to save the game progress


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