Rockfall DX 1.0

Our classic Rockfall series gets a reboot.
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Our classic Rockfall series gets a reboot. Written from the ground up with a whole new engine, Rockfall DX now features higher resolution graphics and will also take advantage of the extra real estate provided by widescreen monitors. Rockfall DX is a classic arcade puzzler, which sees you guiding a little fellow called Spud around underground mazes collecting any riches that can be found. Things are never simple though, as he will also have to contend with falling boulders and various other creatures. Some of the features...
- Rockfall DX has an extended and remixed set from the previous Rockfall game, plus those from Rockfall's 1-3 will be included with the main game (no separate download)
- Player profiles. No more remembering passwords, as each player's progress is tracked and stored in their own profile, which allows them to simply select the level they want to start from when they play
- A new tutorial mode that will show you all the techniques and strategies required
- Monsters that hatch from fallen eggs and must be dispensed with
- Pulsators that need to be trapped in cages to reveal the gems they carry
- Gloop that slowly grows and consumes the level
- Deadly skulls that will kill Spud on contact
- Transporters that will teleport Spud to another part of the level
- Safes and keys
- Bonus letters to boost your score
- Doors that only open for short periods of time Plus...
- New higher resolution graphics
- Support for all display aspect ratios (minimum supported height is 720 pixels)
- Built-in level editor for designing your own levels (submissions will be made available here for free) This is the 12 level demo version featuring a selection of 12 levels from the full game, including the full tutorial. The full game has a total of 242 levels over 5 level sets, plus additional music, and a built-in level editor to design your own levels.



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