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Free Rocket Upgrade is a very simple game in which you control a rocket.
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Rocket Upgrade is a very simple game in which you control a rocket with your mouse. The objective of the game is to hit a series of targets with the rocket and collect certain power-ups and bonus points that fall from the sky from time to time. To move the rocket, you just need to click and pull back your mouse, while you choose the direction and intensity. Unfortunately, the rocket rarely follows the direction you have indicated, which is really annoying and frustrating. You will have three lives and you will lose them if you don't hit anything with your shot or if you hit insects or birds with your rocket.

The targets are funny alien creatures and there are five different levels which are unlocked as you advance in the game. The levels offer different backgrounds and themes, such as a bridge, a jungle, a nice landscape with a rainbow, and others. The game offers very simple graphics, which are still attractive, and the music is annoying, but luckily, it can be muted from the main menu.

To sum up, I really wouldn't recommend Rocket Upgrade because the controls are erratic and you can surely find much better games out there.

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Silvana Mansilla
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  • Five different levels
  • Cute aliens


  • Erratic controls
  • Annoying music
  • Simple graphics



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  • Free alien shooter for mac
  • Ufo attack game