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Challenging logical game to test your brain.
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Roboroll is a top-down puzzle game in which you navigate a robot through a grid of rotatable passages to an exit panel. Your main obstacle is a limited energy supply; every square the robot moves expends one unit of energy, and if you run out it's game over. Once you get by the introductory levels, there are recharge panels available, which must be visited strategically - use them too soon and you'll waste any energy beyond capacity, but head towards them too late and you could end up breaking down just a few panels away.

The levels are well designed, introducing progressive complexity in the form of enemy robots, door-operating buttons, and teleportation portals. It's not necessary to find the perfectly efficient solution, since no matter how you pass the level you get the same green checkmark and access to the next level. This lack of recognition for perfectionists makes for relaxed gameplay that is found in many of the best level-based puzzle games, a nice change of pace for those stressed by marks of less than 100%.

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Sam Lloyd
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  • Full-screen capability with trackpad pan and zoom mark a successful desktop port
  • Well designed puzzles
  • Moving around on the channels created by rotation creates a more interesting dynamic than in PipeRoll, the developer's sister app


  • Little replayability
  • No sense of progression on level select screen

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I can call this game simple and logical, but sometimes it can be rather tricky. So your brain should be ready for challenge.

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