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It makes loging-in to several accouns a faster process; easier to fill in forms.
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RoboForm is a utility, which can save your account ID and password for websites and applications, so that the login procedure will be an automatic one.
During the installation you will be asked if the RoboForm browser plugin is also of interest to you. What the utility does is that whenever you attempt to log in to a website or application account you will be asked if you wish for the login details to be saved by the utility. They can go into the "Logins" section or into the "Bookmarks" one, according to preferences. Then you will be able to access those accounts from within these sections of the utility, without having to remember and to type details for all the accounts that you own. Of course, you have the option not to save contact details for a certain website or to remove these details from the list when needed. Also, to make filing-in online forms a little easier, standard forms to be filled in are made available by the utility, which can then be synchronized with forms to be found on the Internet. There are several types of forms that are taken into account: personal or business ones, passport or bank account related ones, among others.
RoboForm is a utility that can make logging in to different accounts a faster process, while memorizing login details for you, action which may otherwise seem burdening to you.

Margie Smeer
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  • It makes loging in to several accounts a faster process for those who own and frequently use a large number of website accounts and password-protected applications
  • It makes completing online forms easier and faster


  • Although hiding passwords behind bullets is a good safety measure, some system in which users can securely uncover their passwords to read them when they have completely forgotten them might prove useful
  • The utility itself should be password protected so that access to it and implicitly to all saved accounts is not easily gained by anyone using the same computer as the RoboForm user
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