ROAM 1.6

copies the ROM into RAM to potentially help accelerate the system
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ROAM copies the ROM into RAM, and then causes the ROM memory to be accessed from the RAM based copy instead of from the actual ROMDIMM. This has the potential of speeding up PowerMacintoshes that do not already map ROM into RAM.Machines ROAM does not work on (or not well on): iMacs (comes with ROM in RAM functionality) Blue & White G3s (comes with ROM in RAM functionality) 6100/66 Macs. It is possible that they would benefit _IF_ the system bus speed was increased. It seems like the ROM DIMM is faster than RAM on these machines. 7200's. PowerPC upgraded 680x0 Macs. Your milage may vary.
What's new in this version:
The GUI uses the terms Activate and Deactivate in reference to turning ROAM on and off (instead of Install/Uninstall). ROAM deactivates itself when running under the MacOS 10 environment. This means you can leave ROAM installed on your normal MacOS 9.x.x boot disk instead of disabling ROAM when booting MacOS 10's The installer notifies the user that ROAM is not meant for MacOS 10. Bugs in Load/Unload (which affected the...



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