Road Runner Office 1.0

A game where you must press a button at a specific time to smash through walls.
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Anomaly Studios
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In Road Runner Office, you are an office worker with the curious job of smashing through walls while running to deliver a file to his superior. You must press a button within a specific time range prior to hitting each wall in order to smash through it. If your timing is incorrect, you merely slump against it as a big red "You Are Fired!" stamp gets plastered on the screen. The window of correct button-pressing gets smaller with each level until, by the final level, you have to start your smash through the next wall before your character is even done recovering from the first.

For a game about metaphorically breaking through the limits of office monotony, it's fairly monotonous to play. The dynamic destruction of walls, while moderately impressive, is the same every time ("baked" in 3D animation terms), and it's frustrating to be sent back to the beginning of the level every time you make a minor error.

Sam's protip: to get past the final level, ignore what the character is doing. Focus on when you need to press the button relative to the incoming wall. Or else just call it quits, because the window for accuracy is so small and the reward so meaningless that it's not really worth it.

SL Senior editor
Sam Lloyd
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  • Satisfyingly ridiculous to break solid walls with impossibly puny legs


  • Character animation does not line up properly with demolition animation
  • Only one game mechanic, and it's executed rather poorly



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