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RiffMaster Pro 4.2

Slows down any song while keeping the pitch the same.
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RiffMaster Pro

Slows down any song while keeping the pitch the same.
Users Say:
"Without a doubt, your Riffmaster Pro software is the best learning aid for any musician, I'm having so much fun playing again and I'm really making progress so much faster."
Robert A. Berman
"I've been playing guitar for a long time..This is the best tool I have ever used, and the price is fantastic. Excellent software.. You can't see it but I'm giving you a standing ovation....."
Bob Norman - NY
RiffMaster Pro is a simple and yet remarkable software that is designed not only for all musicians out there but even for budding music enthusiasts who want to achieve their dream of becoming a super star at their loved and chosen field, be it guitar, vocal, bass, keyboards, drums or even violin.
RiffMaster Pro’s user-friendliness and must have functional features is what sets it apart from the rest.
You can easily use RiffMaster Pro to slowdown a song and still keep its pitch, or change the pitch of a song and keep the tempo the same without effort on your end. Sounds great right?
The use of Riff Master Pro can give musicians numerous benefits such as:
•Master any guitar solo faster than ever before
•Master any guitar Riff faster than you ever had before
•Master the chords of any song faster
•Build and maintain amazing speed of any solo or Riff
•You can easily master difficult phrasing
•Master any guitar solo, lick or Riff note for note
•You can learn the lyrics of any song quickly
•Discover and experience the magic of “Playing By Ear”
•Learn any song fast
•You can have the perfect aid for transcribing music on the go
Riff Master Pro is the perfect speed and ear training tool for all amateur or professional musicians and what’s great is that it is now available for and even better using your Mac computer. Learn and at the same time be the best you can ever be.
1. Change the speed of a song to make it much easier to hear and learn all while the pitch remains the same. Choose a difficult section in a song and loop it and then slow it down.
2. Change the pitch up or down of a song simply. Make playing in a different key easy. Ideal for vocalists that want to change the key of a song quickly to suit their range, all on the go on your iPhone or iPad.
3.Media Library – you can use this to store or save your songs and settings. The Riff Master Pro application will remember exactly where you left off with your song from the last time, from the loop, the speed and the pitch settings.
4.Vocal Reducer – you’ll be able to reduce the vocal sound on a track to allow you hear the finer points of the music within the song composition. You can also create your own track by reducing the vocal of a song and save it as mp3 or aiff file and this will let you play along.
5. Notes – Riff Master Pro will let you create your own note on the wave window and mark on parts of the song you are working on especially the chords of a chorus or even lyrics on a section of the song. This will help you learn quicker because you’ll be able to take down your own notes and at the same time see this information on your screen while playing your instrument.
6.Export – you can easily save a track to mp3 or aiff file. You can either save a slowed down song to a speed where you can play along or save a song in a different key for an ease of play.

Users Say:
"For musicians and music lovers alike, RiffMaster Pro is definitely a must have application to take you to the next level." - Simon Westman

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