RetroBreaker 1.1

RetroBreaker Reached #1 in Egypt's Mac App Store!
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***RetroBreaker Reached #1 in Egypt's Mac App Store! Everytime we reach #1 in an App Store, we're going to make RetroBreaker Free for two days - download until July 3rd for free, and help is reach #1 in more stores! Oh, and please review RetroBreaker!***
RetroBreaker merges the best retro-style gameplay and unique new twists! Forget what you know about Brickbreaker / Breakout clones! Normally find the genre boring - you won't have that problem with RetroBreaker! With wild new gameplay concepts like multiple exists, gravity balls, bricks that multiply, and more, RetroBreaker is anything but boring!
35 levels, including an unlock system so you don't have to start over everytime)
5 Secret Levels hidden for you to find
Four difficulty settings to keep you challenged - and rewarded with higher score multipers
No in-app purchases, no advertisements, and no boredom - just a retro good time!

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