Resume Builder

Resume Builder 1.5

Instantly generate PDFed resumes.
1.5.4 (See all)

Instant, Simple, Custom/ Unique & Professional
1. Instant -Instant PDF file generation.
2. Standalone - Can be used without Internet
3. Share / Download - Instantly share the PDF
4. Rearrange as well as Rename resume fields to your liking
5. Thirteen (13) Unique & custom designed templates to chose from
6. Custom resume field such as "Miscellaneous"
7. Add References or "References available upon request"
8. Smart text detection to avoid text cutoffs
What's new in this version:
- Rearrange as well as rename resume fields to your liking.
- Miscellaneous resume field
- "References available upon request" feature
- Smart Text Detection. Arranges the words smartly on the PDF to avoid word cutoffs
- Improved template view
- BugFixes

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