Rekord Buddy

Rekord Buddy 1.7

Transfer playlists between DJ apps while preserving the data.
1.7.17 (See all)
Syncronize various data, including your playlists, beat grids and markers, and cue points between Traktor, Rekordbox, and Serato applications. Add tags to your audio tracks and sort your playlists according to them, create copies of playlists and folders, etc.

Rekord Buddy is the world's most advanced syncing tool for Traktor and Rekordbox. Whether you're a Traktor DJ who wants the flexibility of using CDJs for some of your gigs, a Rekordbox DJ who wants to give Traktor a try or a regular user of both programs, Rekord Buddy is the simplest and most powerful way to keep your music collections in sync at all times.
Rekord Buddy doesn't just sync some of the data between Traktor and Rekordbox, it lets you sync everything... seamlessly. No more painfully copying and updating your playlists by hand. No more time wasted carefully setting beat grids and beat markers in two different programs. Rekord Buddy takes care of everything and let's you converts your entire track collection back and forth between the two programs.
Rekord Buddy makes it all simple, fast, and seamless.

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