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Free Receptor Remote Control allows you to manage your Receptor .
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One of the many cool things about connecting Receptor to your computer is that you can remotely control Receptor's graphical user interface using your computer's keyboard, mouse, and monitor — just as if you had plugged these directly into Receptor! This is especially handy when you take your Receptor to a live performance situation, where you may already be taking a laptop computer to play sequencers, or other music or media software. In a live performance situation it isn't always practical to bring a separate monitor, keyboard and mouse just for the Receptor. Receptor Remote Control allows you to manage your Receptor using your laptop's trackpad/mouse, keyboard and screen, rather than using the Receptor front panel interface. Even in a non performance environment, that is to say, at home or work, the Receptor Remote Control application allows you to save on both desktop space as well as equipment cost by using your existing computer's monitor, keyboard, and mouse to control your Receptor.

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