Readerware 4.22

Create catalogues of various types of content.
Deal with various types of collections. Select items for processing and organize them in a manner identical to that of an SQL database. Perform standard updating, browsing, and maintenance operations, view the files you need and check the auto-cataloging features.

Readerware is intended for organizing your collections. In this respect, it is distributed as a suite supporting three different categories: books, music and video. When you start the tool, you need to say what you want to do. Thus, you can create a completely new database or open an existing one. Likewise, it lets you connect directly to a Readerware server or an external database. Moreover, it is possible to restore a database from a backup file.

There is no much difference between the interfaces for different categories, except for the fields, which are logically not the same for a book, a video or a music album. In this respect, I am glad that the tool lets you keep whatever data you can imagine about one of those products. However, although accessing your collections separately saves some time and makes it simpler to use, there is no way you can jump to a different one from within another.

One of the best advantages of Readerware is that you can save a lot of time if you use the Autocatalog function. Thus, if you feed the app with a list of ISBNs, UPCs or barcode scans, it can connect to various internet databases to download the required information, which is then merged. Unfortunately, the data obtained this way is not always accurate or complete.

In general, Readerware gives you the opportunity to catalog your collections so that you can find the desired book, CD or video more easily. Since there are complaints of its getting incomplete info for some discs mainly, the developers should probably consider other Internet sources. Although there is no free version of this product, it can be tried at no cost. In this respect, it is possible to try or buy the tools for each type of content separately or as a bundle.

Pedro Castro
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  • Allows connecting to a database server
  • Supports three different categories
  • Allows automatic cataloging of resources
  • Barcode reader support


  • May fail to download accurate or complete info for your collection
  • Difficult to navigate from one collection to another
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