Readefine 2.49

Readefine - Beautiful reading offline as well as online.

Readefine - Beautiful reading offline as well as online.
Main Features:
- Beautiful multi-column, newspaper like layout for RSS and Google Reader.
- Dislike scrolling text? Readefine divides text into multiple pages for easy reading.
- Mark these as Read - The "Next Page" button in Magazine Layout marks the articles shown to you as read (in Google Reader), then gets more content.
- Looks great no matter what screen size.
- Use keyboard shortcuts like and - to change font size. Shift J to justify text.
- Instapaper,, Twitter, ReadItLater Support.
- The desktop version contacts Google directly and only talks to Readefine servers for self-updating.
- Resizes pictures and videos to fit within the column.
- Re-flows text according to the available size.
- Makes long plain text files beautiful and also sections them for performance.
- Removes stray newlines, empty p, br tags.
- Supports drag and drop of text/rss/html.
- Copy paste or load a file from your computer (load, not upload)

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