RaySupreme 1.53

Create and render 3D models.
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RaySupreme is a full-featured 3D modeling, texturing and rendering program that introduces a groundbreaking new technology called Text-to-3D. This innovative technology enables anyone, from beginners to professionals, to easily create 3D objects and environments. 3D modeling, mapping and rendering tools you would expect from any professional 3D program. Detailed documentation that supports the beginner, intermediate or expert 3D artist. Ever-expanding database of objects, materials and text-to-3D extensions with free, unlimited downloads. Worldwide community of RaySupreme users that share materials, objects and scenes.
What's new in this version:
Up to 10 times faster rendering New viewport and Area rendering modes Compositing features Object display properties Completely new scripting / plugin system New modeling and instancing tools Bugfixes, major performance boosts, workflow and user interface improvements

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