Ralph's Killer Muenster

Ralph's Killer Muenster 1.2

Ralph's Killer Muenster is a puzzle game developed for Mac users.
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Ralph's Killer Muenster is a game for Mac that brings you a revolutionary and interesting type of puzzle and involves using basic genetics knowledge. The storyline revolves around the infestation of San Francisco with mutant cheese and your goal is to find the original mutant strain and help the scientists neutralize it.

You can complete challenges by altering strains until they're all identical. The mutant elements are displayed as geometrical shapes, each with its own trait; by clicking over a strain you reveal the available mutations.

The less moves you make, the higher your final score gets. You can always replay missions if you're not happy with your results or fail to complete a level.

Personally, I enjoyed playing this game mostly because it's challenging and provides an authentic type of puzzle. Plus, you have access to dozens of missions where you can put your puzzle solving skills to the test.

With that being said, you should install Ralph's Killer Muenster on your computer if you're looking for a challenging puzzle game. The app is free of charge and offers you many hours of gameplay.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Nice graphics and animations
  • Lets you choose from various display modes
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