Radiologik DJ

Radiologik DJ 2020.9

Automated radio DJ assistant.

Radiologik DJ is the DJ live assist specifically built for the needs of radio but very useful for all DJing needs with the exception of club mix features. It features 3 main players and one library player, all with selectable individual audio outputs, detailed time calculations, a lot of fast and smooth iTunes integration, and Nicecast artist and title publishing. It is complemented by a separate scheduler for full station automation.
What's new in this version:
Non-ML: Returns 64-bit buildNon-ML: All button art is now retinaNon-ML: Updated to latest Sparkle update engine which now updates via httpsNon-ML: Updated Gatekeeper codesigningFader start behavior is now enhanced to do fader stops and load players with volume at 0 when auto is offChannel 0 MIDI surface commands are sent to MIDI Surfaces againAdded advanced preference: NoPlayChangeScriptForDefaultPub to prevent NowPlayingChanged scrip...

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