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QuicKeys dramatically reduces time and effort spent on your Mac by automating all your most routinely-performed...
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QuicKeys is a very interesting shortcut creator and manager that will allow you to automate your actions while using your MAC.
QuicKeys will enable you to increase your productivity through Abbreviations and Shortcuts features. The "Abbreviations" feature will enable you to create auto-complete links. In short, QuicKeys allows you to insert certain predefined word abbreviations into any text file that will be automatically replaced with the predefined longer text. This feature is especially useful for any user that has to insert the same information repeatedly in text files. The "Shortcuts" feature allows you to create a succession of steps that perform specific tasks on your computer. You can define each step to do a specific action on your computer thus helping you save precious time and energy. QuicKeys also allows you to configure the hotkeys that will trigger (activate) a certain shortcut.

Moreover, QuicKeys even allows you to record certain actions that you perform and automatically does them for you. Simply press the "Record Me" button, perform your tasks and they will be memorized and ready to be automatically redone. You can record various actions from typing text or opening an application to clicking a button or making a menu selection.

To sum it all up, QuicKeys is a very handy task automation tool that will help any user that has to perform multiple repetitive actions.

Mario Procione
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