Quantrix Modeler

Quantrix Modeler 5.1

Model your financial data in a quantitative way.
5.1 (See all)

With Quantrix Modeler you can explore multiple dimensions simultaneously. Define formulas with real words, not relative coordinates. Effect changes in your data or create new scenarios without rewriting, restructuring, or recreating models. Express results in a format that is understandable and easy to track and audit by others.
What's new in this version:
New Quantrix Timeline support: Insert a "smart" time dimension using Insert, Right-click or Tools > Timeline and an easy-to use timeline wizard appears. Timelines eliminate the need for "time manager" matrices as well as for complex recursion statements. A new date-time function has been added to support timelines. New Valueat() function in Lookup and Reference Functions: Valueat can operate on lists that aren't dimensions, and, unlike recursion formulas that require...

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