ProManager 3.3

Manage, Optimize, Compress, Tag , Search, Browse your Instruments .
3.3 (See all)
Redmatica Srl.

Manage, Optimize, Compress, Tag, Search, Browse your Instruments. ProManager is Redmatica’s next generation library management software for sampled instruments and builds on the solid foundation of the acclaimed ExsManager library manager. ProManager extends on ExsManager by offering direct support for Redmatica Keymap 2, Apple EXS24 and GarageBand, Native Instrument Kontakt 3 and 4 (nki, nkm, nkb), Digidesign Structure and Propellerheads Reason 4 NNXT instruments and respective samples. ProManager offers a completely redesigned user interface, offering a new level of simplicity and information. The interface is goal based: once you decide what you want to do, you are shown the possible options, and only those specific options, for reaching that goal. With ProManager it’s possible to attach tags to instruments and then search by tag. This feature is additional respect to the metadata capabilities that might be available in the various instrument formats, and as such, it’s not tied to a specific format. This means you can use your own set of tags for all your instruments, regardless of the format. Many sample libraries in native format, or converted from a different format, contain duplicates of the same samples, and when manually deleting instrument files, it’s also very easy to forget the samples.

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