Project Statistics for Xcode

Project Statistics for Xcode 2.0

This app helps you to understand statistics regarding your project.

Project Statistics for Xcode helps developers and managers all around the world to get fast and easy to understand statistics regarding their project.
Main features:
- Overall structure of your project.
- Option to parse projects and workspaces.
- Total lines of code counter with the ability to include/exclude empty lines and/or comment lines from total lines of code.
- Total number of files used in your project by category: source files, image files, XIB files, storyboards.
- Size metrics: total number of lines of code, total number of lines without empty spaces, total number of lines without comments, total file size, number of methods inside each .m and .cpp file, average number of comments per source file and others.
- Full support for c/cpp/h/hh/pch/m/mm/png/jpg/tiff/icns/xib files.
- Supports linked files in your project and not only the ones within the same folder.

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