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The latest Profoto Studio 3 software for both Mac and PC!
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The latest Profoto Studio 3 software for both Mac and PC!
The new Profoto Studio 3 software has been developed with focus on simplicity and easy-to-use to speed up the workflow of the photographer. Supporting the latest operating systems on both Mac and PC, Profoto Studio 3 is a powerful tool that allows the photographer to control their Profoto lighting equipment directly from the desktop of their computer. In addition to the D1 Air and the Pro-8a Air, the new D4 Air, together with Profoto’s new line of continuous light products, including ProTungsten Air and ProDaylight Air, can be controlled with this software.
Two great new features that Profoto is proud to introduce with the Profoto Studio 3 software, is the transparency mode and the stay-on-top mode.
The transparency mode allows the user to select three different levels of trans­parency of the GUI to make the software more or less distracting in combina­tion with other softwares.
With the stay-on-top mode the user can also decide to have the Studio 3 soft­ware always floating on top of other active softwares, eliminating the need to toggle between different softwares when working with them at the same time.
The Profoto Studio Air, the previous version of the Profoto Studio software, features most of the functions that the new Profoto Studio 3 software has, but is needed for controlling older Profoto lighting equipment.

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