PowerSelect 2.5

Allows using search conditions to find more accurate results.
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Although Finder allows looking for specific items in your system, it has some limitations. So, most of the time, you feel quite lost among so many irrelevant results. PowerSelect comes to fill that void by allowing the use of search conditions and thus getting more accurate results.

The application is very light and easy to use. The first thing to do is selecting the type of condition. This way you can find items that contain the entered string in any part. Likewise, it lets you get those that begin or end with the desired sequence of characters. On the contrary, you can use exclusion rules, which allow you to show all items except that include, begin or end with that string. Unfortunately, it is not allowed to use combinations; for instance, in case you wanted to find items that end in “plist” and do not begin with “raw”. It is a good thing that it keeps a history of recent searches, though.

All in all, PowerSelect allows getting more precise results when searching for specific items in your system. Fortunately, this product is free so there is nothing to lose if you try it. However, donations are explicitly encouraged.

Pedro Castro
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  • Light and easy to use
  • Supports various search conditions
  • Provides more accurate search results


  • Does not allow using combinations of search rules
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