PowerMaker 2.0

Word processor and presentation/slide show manager

PowerMaker is to become a fully developed Text/Word Processor and Presentation/Slide Show Manager. The name is derived from two commercial programs it tries to resemble as good as possible: PowerPoint 98 by Microsoft, and FrameMaker 4 by Frame Technology/Adobe The basic concept to both is that a document consists of pages with content and content consists of graphical objects and text containers with paragraph formatting. The layout of pages is derived from layout page definitions (master pages). So if you know how to operate either one, you should repidly feel familiar.
Disclaimer: This Release is an experiment (or demo) to show some core functionality. Therefore this release is Freeware and no guarantees whatever can be given. Trademarks may have been used for reference purposes.
What's new in this version:
Converted into SourceForge Open Source Project Licenced under the Academic Free Licence 1.0 added Zoom Window made compiling and showing some functionality Help links to VersionTracker and SourceForge added

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