Power JSON Editor

Power JSON Editor 1.3

Powerful JSON editor for developers.
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Power JSON Editor is a powerful JSON editor for developers. By Power JSON Editor, developers can easily import JSON data from web, or import plist data as JSON, and also can export JSON to plist file. With support of Plug-in, Power JSON Editor is also easily to extend its functions, currently supports rendering JSON data with Jade template.
√ Multiple Editor Panel
* Raw JSON text editor
* JSON node editor
* JSON node tree editor
* Toggle editor panel easily
√ Powerful Node Edit
* Error message of parsing JSON, useful to debug invalid JSON
* One-click beautifying JSON text
* Convert node data type between string, number, boolean and null
* Duplicate, cut, copy and paste JSON node
* Adjust node's parent easily with ⌘+] or ⌘+[
* Wrap JSON node to object or array
* Drag and drop JSON data between documents or other editors
√ Powerful Node Search
* Search nodes' key and value
* Search with JSONPath expression
* For JSONPath support, see JSONPath Support section in http://tickplant.com/powerjsoneditor/
* Use "$.store.book[?(price < 10)]" for searching books which price less than 10
* For JSONPath grammar, visit http://goessner.net/articles/JsonPath/
* Only shows matched nodes
√ Import & Export
* Import JSON data from web
* Import Plist file as JSON
* Export JSON to plist file
√ Plug-in Supports
* QuickLook plugin, preview pretty JSON in Finder
* Data format converting plugin (current only has plist format converting plugin)
* JSON Render Plug-in
* More Plug-ins in developing
√ JSON Render Plug-in
* Render JSON as html with Jade template
* JSON document in jade local variable is "data", for example:
- each item in data
p= item.title
Any questions or suggestions please don't hesitate to send an email to tickplant+support@gmail.com, your advice is important to us :)

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