PopStar 3

PopStar 3

PopStar 3 is an entertaining puzzle game developed for Mac.
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PopStar 3 is an entertaining puzzle game where your objective is to pop as many colorful tiles as you can before you run out of time or moves. Your highest scores and progress is automatically saved to your Game Center account, so you won't lose your app records if you uninstall it from your Mac.

The app lets you choose between three game modes: Classic (you need to meet the level target), Timed - 60 seconds (you need to eliminate as many tiles as you can), and Moves - 30 Moves (eliminate as many tiles as you can by making a certain amount of moves). No matter what you select, the game can be played only by eliminating connected tiles that have identical colors.

At the end of a challenge you receive a certain amount of points. You can use these points to acquire power-ups and eliminate multiple tiles with a single click, change the color of a brick, and shuffle the board.

Furthermore, if you uninstall the game from your computer your progress isn't lost. Everything is saved on your Game Center account.

In conclusion, PopStar 3 is a fun puzzle game for users of all ages. What's more, it comes without a price tag.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Nice, colorful graphics
  • Automatically saves your gameplay progress
  • You can acquire power-ups
  • Free


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