Polyominoes (Classic)

Polyominoes (Classic) 7.2

Play a board game with multisided dominoes.
7.2 (See all)
Kevin Gong

Polyominoes is an addictive game based on multisided squares that are connected edge to edge. For example, a domino is a polyomino with two squares. In Polyominoes, you can use pentominoes, tetrominoes, trominoes, hexominoes, or create a set of your own pieces using the Piece Editor. Polyominoes is really three games in one. In Game mode, you have a strategy game in which you try to put the last piece on the board. The pieces can be flipped or rotated in any manner. You can use any of the 90 different boards, or create one of your own by using the Board Editor. In Puzzle mode, you can try to place all the pieces on any of the boards. In Spanning Puzzle mode, you try to span the board with the fewest number of pieces. The program keeps track of all of your best efforts.
Version 7.0 provides network play with integrated chat, ten more boards, a new challenge game, updated HTML-based help, easier registration, and lots of user interface improvements.

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