Polkast – mobile file access over Wi-Fi 3.0

Effortlessly move your files between your computer and mobile devices directly, without syncing and storing in the cloud.
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Effortlessly move your files between your computer and mobile devices directly, without syncing and storing in the cloud. Access 100% of your photos, videos, music and documents anytime. Your everything, everywhere.
** The Polkast homebase Mac app works with both Polkast and Polkast Music mobile apps. **
We’re different from iCloud! Polkast works as a complement to cloud storage, giving you remote access to ALL of your files at any time. No more pre-planning which 5GB to sync to the cloud, no more hitting your storage limit. With Polkast, all of your files stay on your own computer, in your control, and are available to you whenever you need them, no matter where you are – across the room or across the world.
View and edit all of the photos on your computer instantly on your mobile, plus full integration with iPhoto. Stream videos directly over Wi-Fi, and fetch a 1GB file in minutes.
Polkast brings the cloud to you! We connect your mobile and computer directly to form your own secure personal cloud. Download Polkast on each device (www.polkast.com/download/)
Note: For every device you want access to or from, an app (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android or Linux) is required. Your computer must be turned on to access files not stored in cache.
Thank you Apple for making us #1 on the New & Noteworthy in iTunes app store!!!
- Search through thousands of computer files instantly while on the go.
- View your docs and photos, play video from any of your devices, anywhere.
- Save photos and videos directly back to your computer, over the air.
- Send files from your computer using your mobile phone or tablet as a remote control. Great for large home videos!
- Post photos to Facebook, even if you don’t have them on your mobile.
- Polkast is secure - we never store your files, and your account is protected by password and SSL encryption -- the same methods used by banks and the military.
- Connect unlimited mobile devices to your computer with Polkast for free.
- Connect multiple computers with Polkast Pro. And if you also have a Windows PC, you can use Polkast to access your Mac from your PC. Upgrade in your Polkast mobile app through Settings/Account -- just $4.99/month
Questions or comments? We answer all email support@polkast.com

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