POINTandGo Foreign

POINTandGo Foreign 2.1

Manage the translation process using Word and Quark
2.1.1 (See all)
Storepoint International

PointandGo!Foreign is a database publishing system based around Microsoft Word and QuarkXPress that manages the way text translations are used in layouts. Translation can be from any language into any other. PointandGo!Foreign controls the extraction of original text from one QuarkXPress document and the insertion of translations of that text into new QuarkXPress documents, applying the same styling and layout as the original. PointandGo!Foreign can be used in the production of any QuarkXpress document that is to be published in more than one language. PointandGo!Foreign takes substantial time out of the conventional process since data is accurate as artworkers no longer have to key or copy in translated text. And it works at lightning speed

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