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Application for playing and managing audio files.
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Play is a lightweight, easy-to-use and free media player. It has a very straight forward, clean interface. The application can play a whole array of audio formats and you can apply DSP effects to the output audio. If your library is missing information on a song, Play can help you find the information online.

If you have an impressive media library but are tired of the clunky iTunes player, then you should consider lightweight alternatives. Play is a very simplistic audio player with some impressive qualities. You can play lossless audio format, along with some of the popular ones, like ACC, OGG and MP3. The output can further be tweaked to your liking with the program's DSP effects. Also, the program features audio leveling with replay gain options, so your quiet audio files will sound much louder.

The program allows you to quickly and comfortably see complete information about your audio file. Some people will find this information useful. This information dialog also features a tab titled IDs. The ideas are the matches found in the music online databases and will be used to complete information about your music file, if something in the tag is missing. You can edit your track's information through metadata editing menu option when you right-click on a song. This is where the IDs can be filled in automatically by the program. All new information is automatically updated and saved to your song.

The quality of the playback is the same as in any other player. The benefit of this player is its simplistic interface, its quite fast load, its simple audio library, and its ability to edit the track information and look up the information online. There are plans to include album art, but I think it is unnecessary, if you just want your music to be played.

Joshua Wrightwood
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  • Clean, lightweight interface (no cover art)
  • Online information lookup
  • DSP effects


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