TransparentGIF 2.2

Makes transparent a determined color from a GIF file.

TransparentGIF is a simple application that makes transparent a determined color from a GIF file. Therefore, you are spared from the tedious task of manually removing the color layers for all frames of your animation.

The utility is very easy to use. With no Preferences to tailor, the main window is the only place to enable your settings. The interface is split in two, one panel to input the source file and the other to preview the changes. Adding the GIF file you want to modify is done conveniently by drag-and-drop. Then, all you need to do is determine the color you want to turn transparent and the tolerance level of the color range. Choosing the color you wish to modify is done either by picking it up from the available color diagrams or by using the eyedropper to select the color directly from the image. However, in the absence of an option to pause the GIF in motion, picking up the desired color from a frame is quite difficult.

With a straightforward color removing approach, TransparentGIF paves the way for further GIF editing. Since the program doesn't have any editing capacities, you can use one of your choice or the one proposed for purchase from within the application.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Turns a color transparent in all GIF frames
  • Set the tolerance level of the color range
  • Select color with eyedropper


  • Supports only Catalina
  • Difficult to select a color from an animated image