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Pinball Shuffle Lite is a pinball game which is similar to its predecessor.
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Pinball Shuffle is a pinball game which is very similar to its predecessor. The game offers three difficulty levels to choose from, which vary in terms of ball speed, paddle size, and number of lives. Every level has a certain number of missions that you have to finish in order to get to the next one. The missions include getting a certain amount of points, touching certain parts of the board, lighting up certain parts, among many others. Once you complete one mission, you can get to the next one and so on. Unfortunately, the Lite version only allows you to play one level and you will only have one life, which is really a shame.

You can control the game using different keyboard keys that are shown when you start the game, so you can choose the combination that is more comfortable for you. The graphics are pretty simple, as well as sounds, and the music is suitable, but a bit repetitive.

In short, Pinball Shuffle is your regular pinball game. Its Lite version is more of a demo of the paid version of this app.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Three difficulty levels


  • Limited Lite version
  • Repetitive music
  • Simple graphics
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