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It creates animated GIFs out of your personal photo and video collection.
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PicGIF is a handy application that helps you create animated GIFs out of your personal photo and video collection.
The program comes with a neat and clear-cut interface. The main functions are in plain sight, which makes the whole GIF designing procedure quite easy. The moment you open the application, you need to choose the source of your project, which can be an image file or a video clip. Working with either of these two types of input files implies following similar steps. The only thing that differs is that the video file opens in a new window where you can cut a segment of it as source for your project. Once the input file is loaded, you can start editing the GIF file to correspond to your needs. First of all, you need to determine the GIF's size and orientation. Thus, you can either choose one of the program's size-related presets or insert custom dimensions. Obviously, the preference for the portrait or landscape orientation is entirely yours. In addition, you may set the source image to fit perfectly into the GIF's already-determined size or you may keep the image to its original dimensions and pick up a favorite color to fill the rest of the area. Other options – like speed, frame delay, and playing sequence – are also customizable.

Like any other image editor, PicGIF allows you to enhance the displayed image by adjusting luminosity issues and by adding special effects. For good or bad, these changes will affect the entire assembly, not just specific sequences. What is more, you can add texts and stickers to your project. You may set these items to appear and, alternatively, to fade out at time intervals you determine. With a play button always available, you benefit from real-time preview after each change you make to your project.

Creating a quality GIF with this program is both easy and fun. You can use it for commercial and personal purposes. The tool supports a wide array of image and video source formats, which you can combine into an original GIF file.

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  • Easy-to-use and intuitive app
  • Supports a wide range of image and video formats
  • Can combine multiple formats into a single GIF
  • Real-time preview
  • Can overlay stickers and text


  • Can't save the project at an intermediary stage to resume it later
  • Can't edit the GIF's sequences individually


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