Photos Exif Editor 2.18

Modify or remove EXIF data from your collection of photographs.
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Photos Exif Editor lets you change and even remove metadata from your photographs. It is excellent news that it supports importing not only the most popular picture formats but also RAW files. The application is actually very easy to use mainly because its interface reflects the logical workflow of importing photos, editing their EXIF data and finally saving them.

When you start the tool, you are prompted to import the desired pictures. Fortunately, the tool can process batches of photographs and you can import not only individual files but entire folders as well. Besides, you can browse for them in Finder or simply drag and drop them onto the app’s window. Another possibility is to import an entire photo library.

After doing this, you can start modifying the photograph’s original metadata. Luckily, the tool supports various editing options. In this regard, you can tell the app to change only the modified fields and keep the blank ones with the original data. The second option is similar but it erases the data if the field is kept blank. Finally, you can decide to remove all EXIF data from the selected pictures.

Fortunately, you can create custom presets that you can save for repeated use. This way, you do not need to type all the information again the next time. In addition, the application also allows automatically renaming files based on user-created patterns. The tool is non-destructive since it does not modify the original files. However, it would be good if it allowed its users to modify the original files if they prefer so. more

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  • Supports working with batches
  • Allows creating presets
  • Lets you use renaming patterns
  • Three editing modes
  • Non-destructive


  • Does not allow you to modify the original files if you want to


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