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New easy way to study vocabulary and information from any subject.
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Phonix is a new easy way to study vocabulary and information from any subject. The program is a computer flash card system that allows you to create flash card stacks, and within each stack, flash cards for use with any subject. This gives you the ability to organize your cards, creating different stacks for different occasions. You can use and study the stacks just as you would regular flash cards, but without the hassel of writing them by hand.
One of the most unique feature that sets us apart from other flash card apps is that you can import and export stacks. For example, if a friend has already created the 1000 words for the bio test tomorrow, there is no need for you to do it too. He just simply has to export the stack and then he can give it to you to import and use in your program. That's surely something you can't do with real flash cards!
Another unique feature is our monthly app skin updates. As of its launch, the app only contains the "original" skin, which is what you see when the program loads. While this provdes a fun and friendly environment in which to study flashcards, we felt you needed a little more customization in your study space and so every month for the first 5 months after release, we will be realeasing an update containing a new app skin from a professional artist (way nicer quality then the homebrew "original" skin).
Updates are set to include:
- Printable Cards (For all you die hard retro flash card fans)
- The Ability to Download Premade Stacks
- The Ability to use pictures and multimedia on cards
- And Much More

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