PhoneExpander 1.1

Delete iOS photos, apps or temporary files directly from your Mac.

A common issue iOS device owners are constantly dealing with is the lack of free space. One solution would be to delete the apps or media files you no longer need. PhoneExpander enables you to complete the aforementioned tasks with minimum effort and in just a couple of moments.

All you need to do is to connect your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) to your Mac via cable, select the task you wish to complete, and let the app get the job done. In my testing, I uninstalled an app from my iPhone. The program immediately removed the selected iOS utility and informed how much space I reclaimed.

A good advantage is that, before using the built-in Clear Photos tool, you can copy the photos and videos you wish to delete to your Desktop. This feature might come in handy if you want to back up pictures and clips with ease.

Still, this program might use some extra cleaning features. For instance, it doesn't provide you with options to permanently delete documents or music files from your iOS gadget. There are plenty of other Mac utilities that bring you the aforementioned features and more, cost as much as PhoneExpander or even less, and work 100%.

Hence, I think you should try a different iOS file manager on your Mac. There are many good alternatives to using this program for reclaiming space on your iOS gadget.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Immediately scans the contents of your iOS device
  • Helps you uninstall iOS apps
  • Fast processing speed


  • Provides you with a small amount of cleaning options
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