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An assistant for language learning and practice.
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Improve your learning activities to study and master one of the available languages. Check out the options for repeating new lessons from a school or private course. Manage and update a vocabulary database for practice and memorizing, print selected materials, etc.

Personal Lexicon is language learning software that helps students with virtually any language. It allows them to easily track what they learn in class and effortlessly retrieve what they need when they need it. The software supports a wide variety of testing features that can be used to create both audio and written exercises. Students can share data with each other and teachers can share lessons and/or assignments with their students.
To start, students create a lexicon specifically customized for the language they are studying. Next, lexical items are added. These are words, phrases, or expressions with their corresponding definitions. Each item is assigned a lexical type (noun, verb, etc) and optionally other information like synonyms, antonyms, and conjugation forms. Students group lexical items into themes. Not only do themes help students organize their lexicons, they also promote studying of related vocabulary together. This is similar to how textbooks present vocabulary, but the difference here is that students create the groupings themselves, giving them extra significance.
One of the best ways to make memory associations is to write sentences using vocabulary in a context. Personal Lexicon allows students to add these personal examples to lexical items and print them out so they can be checked for proper grammar by a teacher.
Using the Audio Library students can attach audio to lexical items or personal examples. If students don't have their own audio files then downloading audio is snap using the Download Audio Service. With 23 languages available, most of the major world languages are easily accessible.
As a student's lexicon grows, tests can be created to hone writing and listening comprehension. Four different written tests and 3 listening tests are available, each one having its own set of configurable options. With tests students can track their progress, each time trying to improve on their last score.

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