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Create and manage password-encrypted notes.
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Work with an alternative to Notepad with enhanced security and data protection features. Generate single or multiple note files and encrypt each of them with a unique password. Transfer the materials to iOS devices with no data exposure, integrate the materials with iCloud, etc.

Password Pad allows you to create multiple note files, each encrypted by a different password, and then take them along on your iPhone or iPad securely.
New in v1.4:
- Added iCloud functionality for easy iPhone synchronization - Password Pad will now remember your file window positions.
- Clicking on the Password Pad icon will automatically open the last file saved if none are opened.
The key feature of password pad is its simplicity, which makes it easier to use (no need to fill in pre-existing forms) and also allows it to be easily extended to other uses. Keep your data in the format that you want, not in the format that someone else has decided for you. Simple search for the data that you want to retrieve.
Uses for Password Pad include:
- Create and store important information, such as website passwords, app serial numbers and bank details, all secured by a single password
- Keep a diary that others cannot read
- Write articles and manuscripts that cannot be leaked
- Email encrypted notes (e.g. credit card or login details) that the receiver can open only with the correct password
- And many others!
Try the Lite version for free, also available on the App Store!
Read what our users have to say:
“I’ve used other password management tools.... Password Pad has now replaced all of them. It’s just much simpler and faster to use, and I’m always finding new uses for it!”
- Darren Keeth
“I often need to secure more than just login names and passwords even for websites, and your app is the perfect tool for doing that”.
- Amie Shy
Security note:
- The Lite version uses XOR encryption, which is significantly weaker than the Triple DES encryption of the full version.
- Single DES encryption has an effective key length of 56 bits. In 2008, it took approximately 24 hours to crack DES using a $10,000 custom built machine.
- The full version of Password Pad uses Triple DES, which has an effective key length of 112 bits. Each additional bit doubles the amount of time required to brute-force crack the password. The same $10,000 machine would require approximately 197 trillion years to crack a Triple DES encrypted text.
- Triple DES security is used by the electronic payment industry to secure your credit card and ATM transactions.
- It is likely that the most effective way to crack an encrypted text in Password Pad is a dictionary search. Your data is only as secure as the password you choose.
- Both versions convert the input password into a cryptographically secure key with PBKDF2 using 10000 rounds of iteration.

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