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Free PapiOrangeFree is a very simple shooter game in which you destroy oranges.
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PapiOrangeFree is a very simple shooter game in which you are a red ball with a smiling face and your job is to destroy all the oranges. The oranges will come flying in space towards you, so you need to destroy them before they destroy you. To destroy them, you simply need to aim at them and shoot. You can move the red ball all around the screen by moving your mouse. Some oranges are stronger than others and you will need to shoot for some time to destroy them. These bigger oranges also release smaller oranges as they die, and you will need to avoid them. You have five lives in total and when you run out of them, the game is over. However, you may get more lives as you play.

For every orange you destroy, you get points. Logically, the more oranges you destroy, the higher your score will be. When the game is over, you can submit your score online to compete with other players. Sadly, the game offers only one level, and it has very simple graphics and no music.

In short, PapiOrangeFree is a very simple shooter game that will help you pass the time, but you will surely get bored of it very quickly.

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  • Free
  • Challenging


  • Very simple graphics and sounds
  • No music
  • Only one level

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The game is a funny one, but has only one level.

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