Neverputt 1.5

Neverput is an enchanting game of mini-golf on your computer.
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Neverputt is an interesting and challenging game of mini-golf. Finally, there is a solution for all those rainy days when you really do not want to get out of home. Just get into an arm chair next to your computer and run this game. It is an awesome simulation and perhaps it will be able to substitute your real-world experience.

You can play the game alone or you can have some friends over and compete against them. I competed against myself and I loved it! The game includes a lot of courses - some of them will look familiar, but most of them are very diverse. Diversity is achieved through the users' ability to create their own courses. So if you are bored with the game, just download a new course and its like new!

The game can run on most popular operating systems. However, keep in mind that, since it requires 3-D rendering, your graphic card shouldn't be too old.

Note: the program comes in one package with another game, Neverball. The site barely mentions Neverputt, but it is inside the package. So go ahead, and try it out for your time well spent.

Joshua Wrightwood
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  • Awesome minigolf simulation


  • Not mentioned on the website
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