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PapiDrive is an entertaining and challenging arcade game for Mac.

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PapiDrive is an arcade game developed for Mac users to play it on their spare time. This overly simplistic app provides you with two gameplay modes, allows you to change the display and sound settings according to your needs, and keeps track of your highest score.

Your objective is to move the car on the road by using your mouse and collect as many burgers as you can (one burger = 100 points). However, on the route, you need to make sure the car doesn't collide with any of the obstacles or the margins of the road (if this happens, your car is pushed back to the bottom of the screen).

In my opinion, you can find better ways to spend your spare time. This app plays annoying sound effects when collecting burgers and offers only two challenges.

Another thing I don't like about this arcade game is the fact that even though it provides you with only two challenges, the second one is locked. You need to collect at least 10000 points while playing the first game mode in order to have access to the Obstacles challenge.

Even though this app is free of charge I still don't believe it's worth installing it on your computer. You can find plenty of arcade games which you can download for free and which offer you more challenges than PapiDrive does.

Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • Offers you gameplay instructions
  • Lets you choose between 2 game modes
  • Allows you to change display mode and sound volume


  • Plays annoying sound effects
  • Provides you with only 2 levels
  • You need to collect at 10000 points on first game mode to unlock the second one
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