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PapiCatch is a really casual, yet addictive game for the Mac.
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PapiCatch is a really casual, yet addictive game for the Mac. It is also available for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch). In this game, you also control Mr. Papi (red ball guy) who is attempting to catch lots and lots of hamburgers and trying not to get hit with needle balls. The controls are very simple, with your mouse you make Mr. Papi move around the screen to the left or right. You will see that the hamburgers and needle balls fall from the top of the screen, which gives you some time to calculate where they are going to land. You need to move far away from the needle bars while getting as many hamburgers as you can. Unlike other Papi games, you don't get any points for staying alive. You need to be active and grab those burgers. You start with four lives, and after you get hit four times, the game will be over. If you catch burgers in rapid succession, you will get extra "combo" points. In the long run, those will help you score a lot more. After the game is finished (it only finishes when you lose), you will see your score, and you can submit it online to compete with other people.

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