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Simple drawing tool to create new images and edit photographs.
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Paint S allows you to create and edit images. It supports working with a wide range of common picture formats, including the popular TIFF, JPEG, BMP and PNG. One of its best characteristics is that it allows working with layers. Its interface has the common layout of a big canvas with a left side pane to manage layers and a toolbar at the top.

As said, Paint S lets you work in separate layers, which you can hide and arrange for your convenience. Moreover, it comes with various tools that allow drawing lines as well as various simple shapes, like rectangles, squares and ellipses. However, it does not come with any other built-in shapes, like stars, hearts, arrows or callouts; neither does it have a clipart gallery. Other possible objects are text and freehand drawing. Still, you will not find many types of brushes.

Like most other similar apps, Paint S allows filling spaces. So, in addition to colors, you can also use gradients and transparencies. Again, it does not give you the possibility to add textures to your objects. There are other supported operations. For instance, you can make a selection to remove an unwanted object from a photograph. Likewise, it is possible to resize, crop, rotate and flip an image.

All in all, Paint S is definitely not the image editor to use for very complex projects. Compared with the top products of its kind, it lags miles behind in terms of features. However, it is also a lot easier to use, and above all, it is infinitely more affordable, because it is free. By the way, there is also a paid version, called Paint Pro, which you would perhaps like to check as well.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports multiple picture formats
  • Supports layers
  • Allows making and inverting selections


  • No built-in shapes or clipart gallery
  • Not many brush styles
  • No textures