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Paint Pen Free is a classic drawing and painting application.
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Paint Pen Free is a classic drawing application. The tool provides you with the right means to draw and paint images from scratch, as well as to edit photos and pictures from your image library in order to enhance their appearance or emphasize image elements.

The interface is good and appropriate for this type of programs. Most options are placed conveniently on the main window, so that you can enable them with ease. The program won't impress you much – it just lines up the traditional drawing tools. The utility comes with traditional painting and drawing features. First, you may set the canvas' size and pick up a color for the background. Next, you can play with a complete set of drawing tools, such as pencils, brushes, shapes, and forms to create beautiful sketches and designs. You can draw straight lines and curves, as well as frame image areas with rectangle- and ellipse-shaped framing tools. Moving selected areas is also possible – the selection can be repositioned on the same canvas or pasted into a different document. In addition, you have the ability to insert text messages and notes, customizable in terms of fonts and colors. Furthermore, you are allowed to flip the image vertically and horizontally, as well as to invert colors. For fast color selection, you can set the most frequently used colors to appear in the upper toolbar, so that they will be right there at hand whenever you may need to enable them quickly.

What is good about this program is that you can work on multiple canvases at once: they are opened in new windows, without altering previous projects, which will remain idle until you decide what to do with them – either close them down without saving or store them as BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, or GIF format files.

The program is just plain simple and easy to use. There's nothing spectacular about it, as it provides the basic drawing and painting tools that you will find in similar programs. The fact that it is cost-free makes it a feasible alternative to other possible choices.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Easy to use
  • Free drawing tool
  • Emphasizes image elements
  • Adds text messages to pictures
  • Supports multiple canvases


  • No spectacular drawing features
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