Pace InterLok

Pace InterLok 5.7

Anti-piracy electronic software distribution tools.

InterLok for Macintosh provides you, the software publisher, with a comprehensive tool set for customizable copy protection, license management, and license term enforcement. InterLok for Macintosh supports the latest versions of the Mac OS, and top software publishers use it. InterLok allows you to distribute your software with a variety of methods and then generate, manage, and securely deliver authorizations to run the protected software. You can build demonstration versions, based on elapsed time or launch counts, which can be converted to full versions with your authorization, or they can simply expire and point the user to your web site. InterLok also provides low-level security against hackers debugging and stealing your application from memory to create a non-protected version. InterLok gives you choices that best fit your needs based on product distribution and your desire to control the use of your products: try before you buy, registration based authorization, trialware, rental software, and more.

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