Outlook to Omnifocus

Outlook to Omnifocus 1.1

OmniFocus script which will turn e-mail into tasks.
1.1 (See all)
Rainer Burgst

OmniFocus script which will turn Emails into tasks. configurable growl notifications (provided by Paul) fix for empty subject lines (provided by Paul and Peter) added mail headers (from, date) to content of the note (provided by Paul) does not rely on a separate jar tool anymore and should therefore be more compatible with older Mac OS versions. (courtesy of someone on the omnifocus forums whos name I forgot unfortunately) configuration options growl enabled delete mail after turning it to an omnifocus task target mail folder for moving the processed mail (note that this does not work in combination with mail deletion, please choose either delete or move) bring omnifocus to the front put cursor into a specific field in the quick entry panel open quick entry panel (or just add the task silently to inbox)
What's new in this version:
This is a minor fix to support foreign character sets.

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