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Manage and organize corporate planning data.
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Record, edit and track annual goals for company environments. Create charts to track the progress and completion of specific tasks and operations, monitor the financial and processing situation, etc. Build a database of departments, positions, and staff members.

OrgPlanner... This solution allows business owners and managers to record their company's annual goals, setup their organization chart and define all of the procedures assigned to each position within the company.
- Goal Tracking: Create business, professional and personal goals; Specify whether they are short or long term goals; Break them down into manageable tasks
- Positions and Organization Chart: Create departments, positions and staff members; Assign staff to specific positions; Display them on the org chart of your business
- Procedures and Standards: Create procedures and standards for each task that your company does; Assign them to the positions responsible for carrying them out After filling out the information in this software solution, you will have effectively written both a job description and a procedures manual for every position in your company. This will allow you and your staff to have a clear understanding of the work that needs to get done, who is responsible to perform the work as well as the standards by which the work will be evaluated.

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