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Online Bible

Free Full-featured program designed for serious Bible students.
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Online Bible is a full-featured program designed for serious Bible students. You can display Bible passages and notes in any number of windows. Most operations can be performed using either the mouse or keyboard commands. The program is both powerful and easy to use.
In addition to the King James Version, over thirty other English versions are available. These include the 1984 New International Version, 1995 New American Standard Bible, 1982 New King James Version, 1989 New Revised Standard Version, 1996 New Living Translation, and many others. Greek and Hebrew texts are also available for original language study. In addition several foreign languages are supported, including Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and others. See Appendix E at the back of the User's Manual for a detailed list of Bible texts and add-on modules currently available.
Complete search facilities include, word, phrase, multiple words, wild cards, and much more. Searches can use AND, OR, XOR, NOT, and proximity operators to select verses. The range for searches can be restricted. All verses are displayed in context rather than asking you to choose a verse from a list to display. Searches are very fast, taking only a second or two even on older Macs.
You can add notes to a verse using the built-in editor. Cross-references can be included in your notes for automatic recall. In addition to verse notes, topical material, pictures, and word studies can also be saved.
A special Copy Verses command is provided to copy Bible passages via the clipboard directly from the Online Bible to any currently running application. The format of the verses is controlled via preferences set by the user.

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