OmniGraphSketcher 1.2

Create and modify precise visual graphs.
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Perform graphing operations on your Mac. Create a custom project and adjust the parameters and dimensions of your graph according to your own settings and preferences. Make complex reports, interactive and basic presentations, integrate statistics, etc.

This application will help you to create elegant-looking graphs in just a few seconds. It currently supports bar- and line charts only. The program is extremely easy to use and lets you control a lot of details on the graph: from colors of the lines to the font of the labels. With this program, you will create the best graphs ever for your presentations.

The initial run of the application opens up a tutorial graph. It asks you to perform simple actions that will help you operate the program. The tutorial helped me to get started with the program and I could instantly create awesome-looking charts.

To change the color and other properties of the lines and cross dots, you need to open the inspector. Its button is located in the main window's top right-hand corner. Changing points on the graph is easy as you can just grab one and place it elsewhere on the graph. You can do the same with the axes, in case you need to show negative values on any of the axis.

I am glad that I came across this application as it may turn out to be very valuable. I hate creating graphs with Microsoft's Office as they rarely look the way I want them to. This program gives me the freedom to control the colors, labels, lines, pointers, the size of the canvas and so on - this is great for when I need to create that perfect graph to complete my perfect presentations.

Joshua Wrightwood
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  • Can't do bar charts yet
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