Ohmboyz 1.62

it is a delay unit with 4 pre-delays, each offering independent sync, level and pan controls.

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's just the highly acclaimed OhmBoyz, a delay unit that starts with 4 pre-delays, each offering independent sync, level and pan controls. This then feed into 2 more delay units with a bunch of features associated with each: again, tempo sync, level and pan controls, but also a couple of rather well-endowed filters consisting of peak, low-pass, high-pass, bandpass and a resonance control. Get ready to travel to infinity and beyond with Captain Justice and his OhmBoyz! These are its main features:

4 stereo tap delay.
2 stereo delay lines with feedback.
State of the art Multi-mode Resonant filter High Shelf Distortion.
LFOs for everything.
Sustained Loop, allowing to generate an "infinite echo" effect.
Low CPU usage.

Now what about watching some OhmBoyz videos to see (and listen!) how it works? Time flies: here we are at 21st century first decade's end and OhmBoyz is still one of Ohm Force's bestseller and one the most praised delays of the plugin history: take a look at this Electronic Musician magazine's review, then this review by Beat Mode (with plenty of audio examples!) and finally these user reviews posted at Harmony Central. The OhmBoyz is the favorite delay of the two time Grammy winner Stuart Price, who already produced Madonna and Coldplay - and also Hector Castillo's - who has engineered some of most recent works from Björk, David Bowie and Philip Glass - first choice. OhmBoyz main uses are:
Unique combined 4 delay effects
Typical tape delays
'Ambient' and bizarre delays
Looping effects
Creative sound destruction
Vocal Slap-back
Vintage 1950's Delays
Atmospheric massive feedback delays
Time - Synched Delays matching BPM
Reversed and slowed down delays
Ringing tones/pitched delays

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